Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Want to know what NOT to do while watching CSI? Removing sausages from their casing, that's what. I'm preparing some sausage to go into the spaghetti sauce I'm making and I look up at the TV and I swear the coroner is doing the exact same thing I am, except it ain't Johnsonville sausages HE'S working with. Anybody want some spaghetti sauce, it doesn't sound appetizing anymore.

This weekend I went up to the property with my brothers and my dad. I wasn't sure my little brother was going to go, so my dad and I planned to go it alone. So he shows up in his recently purchased Audi TT Quattro. Or is it Audi Quattro TT? Either way, I look at him and ask "You're going to take that up the dirt road?" He gets this little kid caught in the cookie jar look on his face and says "No, I was hoping your older brother would come down and pick us up." (My older brother was already at the property, and it was only 3 miles to the bottom of the dirt road). Well, that was all fine and dandy, except that the car has only 2 seats, my little brother wanted to go and we weren't going to strap him on the trunk. So, I call my little brother up and ask him if we can go in his Jeep because dad's car is only a 2 seater. Well, actually, I think I started off the conversation with "You owe me big time, I was going to get the chance to drive dad's Audi TT!" My brother, not wanting to hear me bitch and moan about my missed opportunity for the next 20 years (and probably figuring he'd get the opportunity to drive it too, which he did) suggested we take both cars, since dad wanted to take his, and either way the Jeep was going to go. So we went up in a 2 vehicle caravan. And just for the record, that Audi drives NICE! I was going up Daniel's Canyon (curvy mountain road) at speeds up to 80 MPH and the car didn't even feel the curves. Bro's Jeep and my Subaru can take the curves at 80 MPH too, but in our cars you know you're going around a curve. And when you go to pass someone, downshift from 6th to 5th (did I mention it has a 6 speed manual tranny?), kick in the turbo and whatever you're passing is so far behind you can't even see what it was. Ok, not quite, but it was a lot of fun to drive. And my friend Adele is going to kill me when she hears that I got to drive one. She's been working on her pharmacists degree for 7 long years, promising herself that when she gets her first full time pharmacists paycheck she's going to reward herself with an Audi TT convertible. I tried to get my dad to loan it to me one day so I could bring it to her, but he never really answered me either way.


Jannx said...

I'm not really a car person, but that does look like a very nice car.

I told myself that I would get a jeep or a van only when I had a place to park it at home and at work. Until then, I just a public transportation commuter.

Max said...

All 4 of my grandparents spent most of their lives in NYC, and only my mom's dad had a car. Your public transportation is excellent, especially when you compare it to SLC. We are getting better, we've got lightrail (Trax) going throughout the city, and commuter rail(Frontrunner*)just started up this year. Useage of both has exceeded all expectations. But the problem with Utah mass transit is that we have 3 or 4 main concentrations of travel, and since I don't go to one of them, taking transit to work is very inconvienent.
* Frontrunner- cute name because it runs up and down the Wasatch Front, from Ogden to SLC. They have a SLC to Provo line planned, but I'm not sure when it's supposed to open.

Jannx said...

As gas (and prices) continue to climb, I think more people (and places) will be looking at more investments in public transportation.

However, I really don't see the car going the way of the Dodo.

A Paperback Writer said...

Wow. 6 speeds. I've never heard of that before.

Frankie said...

Hmm.. Well by reading this last post I'd hafta say, if you are ever looking for a career change and want to go into advertising, be sure you stick to ads about cars and not food.

Max said...

So, what you're saying is that comparing food preparation to an autopsy is not really a good idea? Hmm, maybe that's what went wrong in Provo. I should never have tried the "I-80 Head-on" or the "Motorcycle v. Semi" pizza specials, huh?