Sunday, August 31, 2008

And I dream in green.

According to my psych books, everybody dreams almost every night, several times throughout the night as we drift in and out of REM sleep. Some of us are better at remembering our dreams, some of us rarely do. I don't remember my dreams that often, and when I do it's usually just bits and pieces, feelings or sometimes one specific aspect very clearly. My memory of a dream last night falls into the last category. I vividly remember using a leaf blower and being thoroughly annoyed at having to hand pump the thing to work it. I wanted one that plugged into the wall or ran on gas, and I'm not even sure why I was stuck with this manual version, I just know that I was really mad at the whole 'be green' movement. That's all I remember. Where I was, how I got there, why I was there and where it went from there I have no idea. I have, very rarely, remembered entire dreams. In fact, there is only one time in my life that I can remember having remembered an entire dream, and that was back when I was a kid, 6 or 8 or maybe 10. So, that's what I woke up to this morning. Not concerns about the 45 pages of articles I have to read every week for my classes at the U, not that there may be snow in the mountains tomorrow and that summer really is over. Nope, just woke up being really pissed off that I couldn't use a gas powered leaf blower. Go figure.


A Paperback Writer said...

Glad you explained PDs -- because I was wondering. I like the sentiment, though. But I doubt it's God killing the kitten. Why would he need to when we do so much of that sort of thing ourselves?
I see you checked out Cake Wrecks. Funniest dang thing I've seen in weeks. I think "welcome baby in pink" was one of the best..... I wonder if this blogger works with junior high kids, or if it's just that cake decorators never get beyond that level.
Y'know, you're little brother has been commenting on my blog a lot more than you lately. Oh, the irony.
(yes, I am laying on the guilt. :) It's quite fun, actually. )

Jannx said...

Interesting entry. Me? I think I'm the opposite. I usually remember my dreams, but I've always been too lazy to write them down.

Max said...

Writer: I guessed it was a political party from where I got the picture, but had no idea of the who, what, where and why. So I looked it up. It took me 5 or 6 different sites before I found a reference to Progressive Democrats, the rest all stuck with the PD reference. Quite annoying, but perserverence paid off. As with you, I don't really see God killing off little kittens for any political reason, which adds to the ironic humor of the picture.
Oh yes, Cake Wrecks. Awesome. Had to go back and find your favorite one, mine falls in the same category - I liked the ("Olympic Rings")
one the best.
Jannx: It's funny how some people always remember their dreams and others don't. I hear people say "Oh, I never dream" a lot and, depending on the situation, I enlighten them to the fact that they do dream, they just don't remember them.

A Paperback Writer said...

To save you the trouble of reading my comment to your comment about your brother's reading my blog, here's what I wrote:
And Max lobs the guilt ball right back into my court.
Good return.
I am amused.
"See you in the funny papers"? Is this from Grandma, too? Or have you taken to teaching history this year?"

Oh yes. The olympic cake ranks right up there with baby in pink. In fact, they show similar style and mental ability. I wonder if they are products of the same gifted mind.