Saturday, August 23, 2008

150 Days Left!

So, here are a few more of his incredibly brilliant comments:
  • [T]hats just the nature of democarcy. Sometimes pure politics enters into the rhetoric. Crawford, Texas, August 8, 2003
  • Let me put it bluntly. In a changing world, we want more people to have control over your own life. Annadale, Virginia, August 2004
  • The trial lawyers are very politically powerful...but here in Texas, we took them on and got some good medical-medical malpractice. Waco, Texas, August 13, 2002
  • People don't need to worry about security. This deal wouldn't go forward if we were concerned about the security for the United States. Defending his decision to hire a company from the United Arab Emirates to oversee American airport security, Washington, D.C., 2006
  • My administraton has been calling upon all the leaders in the-in the Middle East to do everything they can to stop the violence, to tell the different parties involved that peace will never happen. Crawford Texas, August 2001
  • I have a different vision of leadership. A leadership is someone who brings people together. Barlett, Tennessee, August 18, 2000
  • We cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile. Des Moines, Iowa, August 21, 2000
  • Arbolist...Look up the word. I don't know, maybe I made it up. Anyway, it's an arbo-tree-ist, somebody who knows about trees. Quoted in USA Today, August 2001
  • Brie and Cheese. Speculating about journalists' favorite foods, August 23, 2001

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