Monday, July 07, 2008

New look, maybe.

If you've been accessing this page through my homepage (I've got the blog imbedded in my homepage;, then you will notice that I've actually been learning stuff in my Web Design class this year. If you access the blog directly,, then you may not notice any change. One warning though, for those of you on dial-up, you may want to continue, or start, accessing the blog directly, my homepage has a lot of graphics on it. I's check it out to see how bad it is before giving up on it.


jannx said...

Hello Max. I liked the changes that you've made to your homepage.

Oh, and nice photo page. I guess it is nice to have a face to put with the words on the screen. Unfortunately, I am still a bit nervous about the power of the internet.

Max said...

Thanks, glad you like it. I debated about putting my face on web for a while, but then Salt Lake is still small enough that I'm not too worried about it. But you're right, you have to be careful about what you put on here, I never talk about vacations I'm going on before I go, I don't like the idea of announcing when the house is going to be vacant. I'm not obvious about my address, but I'd bet there are enough clues on my blog for someone to find my place. Fortunatly I don't own a whole lot worth stealing (all my money goes into the house and the cars), so I don't think anyone's going to take the trouble to figure out where I am.

jannx said...

You're right. I hadn't thought about the "cats away..." angle.