Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back of Beyond Ranch

Went up to the property this weekend, 90% of the whole family was up there at one time or another. Had a lot of fun, relaxed a lot too. Didn't do much, and you can get an idea of the whole weekend by looking at the pictures here.
In the pictures you'll see references to Rossi Draw and Lost Draw. Our property starts out on the east side up on a ridge covered with pine trees. As you move west you run into a little valley we call a draw because it's not really big enough to be a valley. Mostly just a runoff area filled with sage brush and a few trees. Then you go up on another tree filled ridge, down into another draw and finally the western side is up on a third ridge. We call the first draw Rossi Draw because it's on the parcel of land we bought first. The second draw, which is on the parcel we bought a year later or so, we call Lost Draw, um, thanks to me. From the name of the draw you can probably guess what happend for it to earn that name. While we were looking at the first parcel of land, thinking about buying it, we walked up to the upill boundry of the property. The two draws converge before the property line, so we were completely in trees. For some reason I headed out to the car early, and ended up in the wrong draw, frantically yelling for muy brothers. I could see the main road, it was summertime and the road was only 3 miles or so away, so it wasn't a life or death, call the Search & Rescue guys kind of situation, but it would have been a long walk down to the road and then back up once I found the right entrance. Anyway, just as I was preparing for the long haul down to Route 40, I heard my brothers looking for me, and they were so happy to see me that right then and there they decided to name it Lost Draw in my honor.

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Jannx said...

Hello Max. Congratulations on having land named after you. I see you made the most of your vacation time by getting out of town.

You were correct, I was able to get a good idea of the weekend as a whole from your photos. It looked like everyone had a great time being with the family. Some of those photos were really very good (like something you would see in a professional nature photo album).

As always, thanks for sharing your Utah adventures with your blog readers.