Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Messy birds and impatient drivers

Messy, messy birds. They're spilling seeds out of the bird feeder, leaving a mess right under it. Bad, bad birds. The good thing is that the seeds attract squirrels, who do a little bit of cleaning up for me. they also startle me when I come out the check on the water and they scurry right past me like a bat out of hell. Of course I'm sure I startled him (or her), and at least I wasn't in the middle of eating. Probably gave the thing indigestion. He stuck around in the trees long enough for me to go get the camera and have a photo shoot. I'll have to go to the pet store and see if I can get some Purina Squirrel Chow.
I've started walking down at Liberty Park on a regular basis. I don't know why I like Liberty better than Sugarhouse. It could be that Liberty is level and Sugarhouse is all up and down hilly. Or, since I'm going to be teaching geometry next year, my mind is more in tuned with the symmetrical layout of Liberty as opposed to the wanderings of the road in Sugarhouse. Or maybe it's because of the police presence in Liberty which means that people don't try to take the short way out of the park and drive the wrong direction down the walking lane to get out. Who knows. But I did laugh at this moron who was so impatient that he tailgated and honked at the person in front of them because they weren't going fast enough, in the park. Yeah, kids playing, people riding bikes, rollerblading, running and walking, and 15 MPH isn't fast enough. Even funnier when I saw them parked in the handicapped spot. Something ironic about giving yourself so much stress on the way to an activity, or place, that is supposed to be relaxing. Reminded me of an incident which profoundly affected the way I vacation. We were out camping and had to run in to the store to grab some stuff. This store was immediately outside Canyonlands National Park, out in the middle of nowhere, catering solely to park visitors. As we were scurrying around the store trying to find, and remember, everything we needed, the clerk looks at us and says "Yeah, better hurry up. You're on vacation." Not the least bit offensively, just in an out in the middle of nowhere folksy wisdom kind of way. He's obviously said it so many times that he'd perfected his delivery. I take it a lot easier when I'm on vacation now, and that should include recreational events in the park also.


jannx said...

Interesting. You should have included a photo of the bird feeder.

I just finished looking at some of your earlier web site pages. Very Interesting and amusing.

I had no idea about the Stella Awards. I also enjoyed the woman driver awards. However, as someone who was involved in an accident on a parking lot with a parked car, I can't laugh too loudly.

Oh, and very nice story about your "graduation party" (from junior high to high school).

Max said...

They took me completely by suprprise with the graduation party - I didn't suspect a thing. Had it been a real graduation, or near every birthday it wouldn't have been as easy to fool me, but I never thought of transferring from a Jr High to teach at the High School as a graduation. But, then again, that was the beauty of their party. And I'm glad you enjoy my web site.

jannx said...

I'm sure the surprise parties that are really a surprise are the best kind. But even more than that, the fact that your family would go through all you mentioned just adds to the experience. You're very lucky.

Max said...

I have to admit that I am one lucky SOB to have the family I have. They're great.