Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lucky 7

Here's a picture of the bird feeder I mentioned in the previous post, it hangs from the SE corner of the house, in the back.

I was going through my old CDs, the ones with my pictures on them, and found some interesting photos. You'll see them show up here and there over the next little while. But the other picture here is one with a good story. For several years, I got to take our students to the Utah State Math Contest, where students from all the secondary schools get to compete with each other. We're allowed up to 4 students per grade, so the most I ever had to deal with was 12 Jr. High kids. This time the contest was up in Logan at the Utah State University. Pretty much it consists of us escorting the students up there, getting them to the testing area, socializing with the other teachers for a couple hours, and then just making sure all the kids get back. Not hard work. Anyway, to the picture. When the test was over and we headed back to the bus, this CSI truck was in the parking lot, so I decided to have a student get a picture of me standing next to it. You can see the kids walking by, and one of them asked what CSI stood for (this was several years ago, before the CSI series were as well known as they are now). So I told them, Crime Scene Investigation. So they asked what crime I was investigating. (Ok, if your immediate reaction is that I corrected them and let them know I was a teacher, you get no blog karma points. Go away, or I shall have to taunt you a second time...) Yeah, I told them there was a murder on campus, and when they asked me what happened I simply told them that I couldn't say anything about it because it's an open investigation. I heard them walking away mumbling 'murder' and 'cool'. Yeah, I'm bad.
Lucky 7. I just got the Battlecruiser registered and as I was sticking the 7 (for July) on the plate it occurred to me that all 3 of my LTD's registrations are now due in July. Good think it's in the summer when I have the time to get them all inspected, and to get a part time job to raise the money to pay for them all......


jannx said...

Nice bird feeder. Thanks for the photo. I seem to remember reading somewhere that squirrels can sometimes get into the bird feeder and eat the seeds. Do you think your squirrel could be partially responsible for the spilt seeds?

Max said...

I know that when I startled him he was down on the ground, because of the path he took. But as you can see from the picture, the trees go right on to the roof of the house by there, so it is entirely possible that the helped with the mess.