Sunday, July 08, 2007

07/07/07 : Lucky day for taking pictures. Maybe.

Saturday, on the infamous 07/07/07, I left the house around 3 to go up behind the capitol and take some pictures before they build all the houses on that spot and it's unaccessable. Well, I got the pictures, stopped here and there to get some other pictures on the way down, ended up at Liberty Park, way out in Delle, Utah and finally out on Standbury Island for the sunset. Even went through Grantsville on the way home for dinner. Took a ton of pictures, click HERE to see some of the better ones. I decided I really love the new Nikon I bought, and really love to take pictures. Something about capturing a moment in time that will never be here again. Ot it could just be the really cool clicking sound the camera makes.

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A Paperback Writer said...

If I can get the intranet/internet PPP connections set right tonight, then I'll be looking at the rest of your photos. If not, you'll be getting a phone call from me (morning for you).
In the meantime, this is a nice photo.