Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Perfect Insult, by Sir Duke.

Sir Duke, I hopoe you don't mind me putting this on here, it was just too funny to keep to myself.
Well last night (to cap off an already strange evening) we were hit by a heavy storm. I tried watching it for awhile but the wind kept soaking me. After it was over I wandered out of the house to see how badly the area was flooded, it was quite impressive (though the water drops quickly).

While I was checking out the water a neighborhood group of kids came walking by, (I won't get into parents letting their kids outside when the whole area is under flash flood warnings). This general group of guys seemed to be aged 8-12 years of age. We have some new children in the area, a girl who's about five years old trailed by her brother whom looks about a year younger.

As the older boys came up I noticed the younger children leaving their house and running over. The little girl was wearing a polka dotted outfit. Of course the oldest boy in the crowd yells to her, 'You look like a clown'. You could see this made the little girl angry. She marched up to the group and stepped in front of the boy and said 'I do not look like a clown'. After a little more thought she said, 'all girls dress this way'. Then with an angry scowl on her face she said...


I'm sure the poor boy will end up in therapy, to go up against a 5 year old and lose that bad.. It didn't help that everyone within hearing distance burst out laughing. I'm going to keep an eye on that little girl, I have a feeling she'll be fun to watch.


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