Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Should always have a camera on the seat next to me.

Adele and I were going to get together for a Voyager-a-thon today, and since I had brought my computer projector back to school I decided to go down there and get it. I'm at the intersection at 7th East right off the freeway waiting for the light to turn when I notice the power poles across the street swaying. Since there was a storm coming in (supposedly) I thought that it had some mighty winds. Until I noticed the R&B Engineering truck trying to get out of the construction area under the bridge had backed up into the guy wire to one of the poles. Engineers, maybe, Rocket Scientists they're not. That was the first time today I wished I'd had my camera on the passenger seat.

When I got to the school and nobody was there, I realized that even though the custodians work all summer, they do get the 24th off. Bummer, so much for Voyagerizing. What I do see is some guy digging in the lawn out in front of the school. He had a metal detector with him and was sweeping the lawn, digging wherever he ran into something. As you can see I did get some pictures, but only because I was parked and could get in the back of the car. Figuring that the custodians wouldn't like coming back to their lawn all dug up, I called the Granite Police and told them what was going on and that I didn't know if they wanted to do anything about it or not, but just wanted them to know. I think they agreed with me that it wasn't a great idea having people dig at the lawns 'cause, well, they said "We don't want that going on". Part of me wanted to hang out there to watch when they showed up, but Adele was waiting for me (we went to Ogden instead), so I left.

Later this evening I was on my way to Dan & Rae's house to play cards and as I'm driving down 15th East I notice this big soap bubble floating down the middle of the street. It was at least a foot across and lasted long enough for the big truck in front of me to slow down and drive around it. At least a full minute from the first time I saw it until it burst about 3 feet from the front of my car. I gotta keep my camera on the front seat of my car, that would have made an awesome picture.

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