Saturday, July 07, 2007

More on the house

The beginning of this week I spent tiling the back step. The tiles came right up to the level of the cement threshold I build, so I had to add a metal one - which meant cutting down the door so it would fit under.


A Paperback Writer said...

You never quit, do you? Wow. Well, nobody could call you lazy.
Uh, well, I walked for over 2 and a half hours today, and I'm going out for another walk in a bit here.
(It's not raining, can't stay inside.)
I've updated my blog again. Drop by and see what's happening, although today was just church, so there's less exciting stuff to tell. I just got treated like a celebrity.

Nikita4773 said...

So is the tile staying at a diagonal or are you going to make it fung shei? Is that even how you spell it? I don't teach that word in class, so don't give me crap. When are we doing lunch dear? (which you know really means when are we moving the bedroom set and I'll pay you back with lunch) :)