Thursday, June 19, 2014

Oh. Really?

Saw this article on Facebook – “14 Car Features That No Longer Exist”.

Um, hate to be contradictory but my 2014 Wrangler has 4 of your 14 items.

Mine signals are fairly quiet normally, but they really scream if you go more than 10 seconds with the blinker on without turning.

So, does it make me “Old School” because I specifically ordered two of these?


Lisa Shafer said...

With my back problems, leaning across my car to open a window would be difficult now, but until this most recent car, I preferred driver-powered, crank windows. And you know I prefer standard (which is no longer "standard") transmission to automatic.
Guess that makes two of us "old school."

Max Sartin said...

For me, especially on the Jeep, the crank windows are much better. Less things to go wrong when taking off and putting on the doors.