Friday, November 29, 2013

Hard pill to Swallow

John Swallow resigned from office. 

Not because his antics were costing the taxpayers he was elected to represent a shitload of money.

Not because his office was a laughingstock and having trouble being effective.

Not because it was the best thing for the state of Utah, but because, in his own words, it was costing himself too much money and causing himself too much stress.

In my opinion, he did it because he knew that he violated several election laws and was about to have his election annulled.

And in a final act of self-serving narcissism, instead of making his resignation effective immediately, he made it effective on December 3rd, two days after he becomes eligible for a $12,000 a year state retirement pension.

Makes me want to barf!

Especially since the Lt. Gov. of Utah is not going to push to have his election annulled.

Double barf!


Lisa Shafer said...

Dang. I was so hoping for that annulment!

Nicely graphic graphics today. :)

Karen S. said...

Extremely nice/eggie graphics today!