Thursday, November 21, 2013

Richard Milhous Swallow.

Congressional Investigation.
“Accidentally” erased communications.
Repeated declarations of innocence,
Despite mounting evidence otherwise,
Resignation, with final declaration of innocence.

Watching Utah Attorney General John Swallow’s resignation speech today I felt like I had time traveled back to 1974.

Elation.  Relief.  Disappointment.  Wonder.

The crook is finally out of office!  Will he ever face the criminal charges he deserves?

A couple days ago the committee investigating John Swallow announced that there was evidence warranting going to court to negate his election.

Today he resigned.

It wasn’t because he had committed any illegal or unethical acts on his way to the AG’s Office.  It wasn’t because he was facing having his election to the office wiped from the books.

It was because of the stress this witch hunt against him was causing him and his family.

Yeah, right.

Good bye John Swallow and good riddance.  Don’t let the door slam you on the ass on the way out.


Lisa Shafer said...

Thank heaven he finally resigned before wasting any more of the taxpayers' money on investigations.
However, you gotta hand it to the guy: in an age where experts can figure out exactly when you sneezed while online, Swallow managed to get rid of every last shred of cyber-evidence. Impressive criminality that is.

Karen S. said...

Too funny!