Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teachers Against Texting

Saw a quick clip of this on the news this morning.  The faculty of some middle school, so fed up with student texting, making out in the halls, saggy pants, fighting and other behaviors, made this video, and the Principal ended up on Good Morning America (or some such program, I can’t remember for sure).  This is a faculty I think I’d love working with….



A Paperback Writer said...

That was awesome. :)

A Paperback Writer said...

Since their rules seem to be pretty much the same as our school's rules (no phones, no hats, no sagging, no short-shorts, no making out, no swearing, no spitting, no hoods up, no gangsta anything), I showed this to two classes today, and the kids thought it was pretty good.
Thanks for making me aware of it.

Max said...

My pleasure. I thought it was pretty funny, and a couple of the teachers at my school even showed it to the students.