Thursday, May 06, 2010

Appreciate me!

Teacher Appreciation week.  Boss Appreciation week.  Secretary Appreciation week.  Mother’s day, father’s day, Grandmother’s day, Grandfather’s day.  Left-Handed Single Non-Parental Hospital Worker’s Appreciation weekend.
fortunes Will it ever stop?  Now, I’m not going to lie to you, I do like getting those little goodies in my box and all those positive notes, like “We are so grateful for all we see, we’d love to send you all to Paris.  But since we can’t afford Paris…”  It’s really nice.
Smaller classes, less testing, more time to collaborate with other teachers and maybe, just maybe, more of the parents who hold their kids accountable for their behavior rather than making excuses.  That would be nicer.  But, that’s never going to happen, so for now I’ll just settle for the bag full of fortune cookies I got in my box today.  (And I really do appreciate that the PTA does appreciate us, they show us with all kinds of stuff all year).
Anyway, happy Teacher Appreciation week.  And Happy Cinco de Mayo.


A Paperback Writer said...

My best moment of the week is in my current blog post. (Yes, the girl in the pic is our STS's kid. Look at her eyes and you'll see the resemblance.)
But I'm glad to see your PTA does caloric appreciation, too. We've had doughnuts, bagels, nachos (for Cinco de Mayo), and today berries with granola and yogurt.

Last night at the honors evening, I was honored with non-caloric treats, though. The academic team kids had bought gift cards to Hale Theatre and Applebee's for the mentors. cool.

Max said...

Congrats on all the appreciations! The really cool gifts are the ones from the kids, the ones that are personal and not obligatory. And you went and got a couple!