Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Second Septennial Tree Removal Revival

The parking situation has been somewhat complicated this winter.  Two of the old Fords, and the Subaru, all spent the season open to the elements.  This is the problem you get when you have 6 vehicles and only 3 covered parking spots. 

This is the solution.05

Put up a couple of those car-tent things in the back yard, which has been unused and over run with weeds ever since building the garage over 12 years ago.  A problem with that is caused by the only access, for vehicles, to that area being through my neighbor’s parking area.  Good thing I thought about that  when I built the carport on the side of the garage, designing it so that the rear wall was 06removable (see pictures below), allowing access through it to the back yard. 

Another issue is the need to remove a couple trees and some bushes, to make room for the tents and a turn-around area for the cars.  I really don’t want to have to back those beasts through the carport.

So I’m putting out the invite to anyone (specifically my two brothers, but all are invited) who wants to help me rip out some trees and bushes.  I plan on doing it sometime this summer, hoping to have it all ready so I can have the cars covered for bobcatnext winter, but as of now I have no specific dates in mind.  I also want to, if it’s not too expensive, rent a bobcat to smooth out the slope up and level out the parking area.   So, let me know if you are interested in helping, and I’ll try to have it on a day we can all make it.

Here’s the before and after picture of the back of the carport.







A Paperback Writer said...

I secretly think you're addicted to projects or you would've built the garage farther back in the first place. :)

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Pedro said...

I'm in. Any time I can use a chanin saw and a bob cat in the same day I will help, provided there isn't a NASCAR race.

Max said...

Writer - word verification yiikes! But if I built the garage further back, I wouldn't have room to build one behind it. That and I hadn't planned on having a fleet of 70's LTDs, so I was going to have a yard back there.
Pedro - I was hoping you'd say that. And if there's a NASCAR race, we'll just have to postpone the demolition anyhoo...

A Paperback Writer said...

See, if you'd built the original one farther back, you could've had the fun of building a wrap-around-the-yard garage, one section at a time.... like a sectional sofa, only lots bigger. :)

Max said...

True, true. Guess I'm just not enough of a vehicular visionary - it never occurred to me back when I built the first one.

A Paperback Writer said...

Ah, a better blog word verification: rants