Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long time, no blog.

Yup, it’s been a busy week for me.  My birthday, taxes and today is my father’s 75th birthday.  But it’s been a good week, and (now I can’t post this right away, ‘cause my dad might read it before his surprise party) the party tonight is bound to be a blast.

cars My older brother threw me a party on my birthday, not a surprise party, but the theme was a surprise.  I fully expected the traditional black, over-the-hill, death theme, which was already done for the first two of this generation of our family to hit 50.  So instead he went the opposite way – like he was throwing a birthday party for one of his grandkids.  Complete with Cars theme, gift bags with things like a pirate eye patch and a fake sheriff's badge for everyone and a cake with a dinosaur (with wings and a halo).  Oh, and don’t forget the popper streamers.  It was awesome.  He also made a really nice little book with old pictures and sayings that was quite touching, although because of a little irony, it made me laugh instead. 

My good friend J and I always joke about how one of my favorite things to do on breaks from school is to sit around the house and watch DVDs in my BVDs.  So for my birthday she sends me this card:bday1Well, in the book he made for me is this picture of him and me, one that I don’t remember ever seeing before:scan0005 (See, J, it’s not a habit I picked up in my old age).

So it was a great night, a wonderful birthday.  Thanks to all, including all the rest of you who wished me a happy birthday. 

I got this card from my dad, which you’ll have to read this story to completely understand.  Although, it’s funny anyway.bday2 And this one from my sister and her family, that completely sums up my attitude towards aging:bday3

So, it’s been a good, although busy, week.




P.S. – Sorry Pedro, I didn’t have the guts to put your card on here.

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A Paperback Writer said...

A Cars theme? Perfect.
I love the idea of a little kids' party! That's great.
Once, for my friend Mary (who blogs as Tempppo), when she turned 16 (she's now pushing 33), we gave her a little kids' party with favor bags and such. We played little kid games, too (pin the tail on the donkey). It was a blast.
You're very lucky to have a family that does this sort of thing. My family is very kind and always remembers birthdays, but I think the last time I actually had a birthday party (not just a family dinner) was when I turned 18.
Good for you.