Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Friends with benefits.


There have been some benefits to having the district forget to remove me from the STS mailing list.  Other than being able to watch things happening behind the scenes, without any responsibility to act on them, I am also privy to funny emails going around the department.  And according to someone who I know would have first-hand experience, this is not a faked picture.  It is supposed to say “CRT TESTS”, everybody knows we do our STD tests right after New Years.  Sheesh! (Just kidding, don’t want to give Gayle Ruzicka a stroke.)sartin


A Paperback Writer said...

Oh my. :)
I really, really hope this is not photoshopped and it's truly the work of some idiot.
Have you ever seen my old poster (1996) that says:
[name of local high school] Dance Company
Ho Down!

Yeah. Kinda makes you wonder what they were selling for six dollars, eh? Whenever a kid tells me that spelling isn't important, I bring up the poster. They never argue with me after that.

A Paperback Writer said...

Oh! I just got it! "STD" for "standardized tests"! That must be what this charming person meant. Freudian slip!

Max said...

The funny part is that, considering where I got it from, I'm sure that it's real and not photoshopped.
$6? In 1996. Woulda swore it was a lot more than that.
And finally:
I didn't even think of the standardized test (STD TESTS). That's a perfectly reasonable explaination for it. Good call!