Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life lesson 47-A35.89-B

grafittiIf you’re going to write graffiti on the wall to your science teacher’s room, don’t sign it with your initials.





A Paperback Writer said...

Or on the desk. Or on an unflattering caricature of your art teacher. Or on the bathroom wall.
They've all been done before.

And the kids are always so surprised when we "figure out" who did it.

Max said...

Though it still amazes me when they do it on the back of their test. Of course, sometimes they want me to see it, like the time B wrote "Mr. Rossi is a lier" because because he didn't understand a thing, so we just couldn't have covered it since he always paid attention.
"Riiiiiiiight!" - Bill Cosby, "Noah"

Your Conscience said...

At the very least get your goddamn swastika right. There's nothing so offensive as racism that's ignorant...

Anonymous said...

Okay, your an awesome blogger! Keep up the good work Number 2!

Max said...

Thanks numba one!