Monday, April 19, 2010

Cars; now and then.

Somehow we got on the topic of cars and one of my students asked me “If a new car got in a wreck with one of the first cars, which one would win?”

What do you mean by win?” I asked.


Let me put it this way;  The new car wouldn’t survive, but the driver would.  The old car would survive, but the driver wouldn’t.”

I was really thinking of the changes since the Chevy Corvair that launched Ralph Nader’s career, but I believe it works with earlier cars too.



The Gearheads said...

Show him this video

and while you are at it, check out this one. And tell me what is wrong with it.

Max said...

First of all - I have to admit I was amazed at how much damage was done to the '59. The effect on the '09 was pretty much what I expected - total destruction of the front end, with the passenger compartment left pretty much intact. I just didn't believe that a newer car could do that much damage to the massive amount of metal in the '59. Eye opener.
As for the second video, it took me all of 2.156 seconds to notice the incongruency. 1971 Ford Galaxie vs. Pinto. That was not a 1971 Ford Galaxie. They could have meant that the test was done in 1971, either right before or right after the 1972's were on the market. Of course, you, Mrs. Gearhead and I would be the only three people in the world that would even notice that.