Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mosh pits and abbreviations.


Last Friday we had a dance, to top off the school drive to collect money to help one of our school officers pay for his medical bills (he’s been fighting cancer for 7 years).  Of course, all you teachers know that we spend a lot of time breaking up mosh pits (slam dancing, getting in a big circle and pushing each other around) at these dances.  Well, now one of our students knows why.  The science teacher, who was on her way to break it up, told the whole story, gory sound effects and all.  The student came to class Monday with a cast over half his body (I exaggerate) and told me that he had a note from the office that I was supposed to be tolerant of his bad writing.  No duh.  He also brought his X-Ray, which he let me scan.  The best part of the X-Ray is halfway down the left side, where it says “PAIN”.  Yeah, look at that break, must be painful.

Today we were making graphs, and one kid raises his hand and tells me (seriously, not a joke) “I can’t fit this on my graph, how do you shorten GPS?”  I thought “how do you abbreviate GPS” would have sounded funnier, but then no one would have believed he was serious.

Yup, I’m so looking forward to when this generation is running the world.