Saturday, February 06, 2010



I went and saw the movie Avatar tonight.  Since everything I heard said to see the 3D version, that’s what I did.  AMAZING.  That’s what it was.  Yeah, it’s your basic 1950’s Western taking place on another planet.  White man wants what’s on the native’s land and will do anything to get it, including wiping out the entire race.  Lot’s of mystical, one with the planet, tame or kill the savage stuff.  Except in science-fiction mode.  And the natives kick ass on the “man”.  I don’t know if I would have come away with the WOW feeling if I’d seen xthumbsupit in 2D, but the action, the scenery and everything jumping out at ya was great.  I completely zoned out everything around me and couldn’t believe it was already 11:00 when I got out of the movie, which for me means it was a great one. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, I give it a two thumbs up and strongly suggest you see it in 3D.



A Paperback Writer said...

glad you enjoyed it.
For some reason, I just have no desire to see the movie. Sometimes I get like this with popular movies, just to go against the crowd. But this one's different; it just doesn't sound all that appealing to me. I suppose I'll eventually watch it on DVD, but I have as yet to pick up and watch a Titanic DVD either.....

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Isn't that some Palestinian philosopher?

Max said...

Ahhh, Titanic. The only reason I own that movie is because my team at my first school did a Titanic unit a few years in a row. We, of course, only showed them specific clips, to illustrate the calss differences and the sinking of the ship. I do have to admit I cried tears (of joy) when she finally kicked DiCaprio off the raft. More lives than a cat!