Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hypocrisy at it’s best.

Our beloved legislature is messing with state employee’s retirements this year.  retirement I may end up having to work and extra 2 years before I can retire, newer employees could end up working up to 5 extra years.  They are also getting rid of the so called double-dipping, where a state employee gets to retire, collect retirement and then hire back on and get a paycheck too.  Personally, I’m against all these changes, after all, they will effect me in a negative way.  But what really annoys me, even makes me mad, is that these bastions of the public good are going to exempt themselves from this double-dipping ban.

Yup.  It may be unethical for teachers, policemen and firemen to draw a pension and a paycheck, but for some reason it’s all a-ok for legislators to keep this benefit.

Hey, dumbasses, if the financial situation is so bad that you have to take away this benefit that I’ve been promised for 17 years, why isn’t it bad enough for you to lose it too?  Is your job that much more hazardous than mine?  Or a police officer or fireman for that matter?  Is your job that much more important to society than ours?  Or are you going to use that same old lame-ass excuse that since there aren’t as many legislators as teachers, policemen and firemen that you can keep it without much cost to the budget? 

What about the cost to your integrity?  What about the cost to fair play?

And what the hell is with you guys passing 3 or 4 “message bills” that are going to cost the state millions to defend when you’ve been told they most likely are unconstitutional anyway?  In a year when everyone (except you folks) are losing all kinds of benefits and my class sizes are going to be somewhere around 45?  Whoever said this first was right – in the last 20 years the Utah State Legislature has gone from clueless to dangerous.



A Paperback Writer said...

But Max, you imply here that this group of legislators had integrity to begin with. This is where your argument goes wrong; they can't lose something they never had, which is why they aren't worried about it.

tremendously ironic word verification: leechi

Max said...

leechi? From the Urban Dictionary (leechi didnt exist, but this did:
LEECHINESS: when a coworker, casual friend, or neighbor cannot get the hint that they are not wanted nor bring anything to the table. They then exhibit leechiness [by] still coming around often.
Why wont that girl down the block get a clue that she is super annoying, her leechiness is out of control.

Writer: Good point, integrity and the Utah State Legislature are mutually exclusive concepts. Which is why if Utahns had one collective brian between us, we'd start all over up there.

A Paperback Writer said...

If Utah had any brains or integrity, Chris Buttars would not be up there for sure.

Jannx said...

This story is amazing...and not in a good way.

Max said...

Yeah, well, Utah votes the big "R", no matter what stupid ideas their representatives come up with. You could elect a mushroom if you put an "R" after it's name, which sort of explains Merrill Cook.

A Paperback Writer said...

LOL :)