Saturday, January 09, 2010

I can’t drive 55.

LTDs01Well, actually this post is about how I CAN drive 55, car #55 that is. The 2 door hardtop, as of yet unnamed, is now legal, insured and on the road.  It still looks likeLTDs07 a beater, but mechanically, it rivals Old Blue for best-runner.  The ride is definitely closest to new – got it on the freeway last night and it literally floated down the road, but without feeling squirrely like the wagon does.  Not that it corners any better than a shopping cart (thanks for that one, Sir Duke), but it is predictable and solid on the road.

So far, I’ve put a new (dual) exhaust on it, new tires, master cylinder (brakes), air filter and, well that’s about it.  I’m going to give it anLTDs02 oil change tomorrow, already bought the stuff for it, and then maybe a tune up down the line.  Mechanically, that’s about all it needs.  The mechanics who did the brakes, emissions and inspection on it said they were amazed how solid the front end was on it, and other than the stuff they fixed, it was in excellent shape.  Of course, it will need a new vinyl roof and paint, but then it will be good as new.

I got my exercise today, brought all four LTDs over to Sugarhouse Park for a photo shoot (as you can probably tell by theLTDs03 pictures).  To do this I have to drive a car over, walk home, drive another car over, etc., and then do it all over again to get them home.  It’s only about  5 blocks away, but it’s uphill both ways.  Partially.  I had to go over a hill, either that or trudge through a lot more snow.  Anyhow, here’s the pictures of my collection.



































Jeff said...

AWESOME! I've had lots of thoughts like this over the years - I sure would like to own the Ferrari 355, but would i get the spider, the berlinetta, the targa, or the challenge? - but never have i been bold enough to imagine owning all four! You are truly a master of your own destiny!

The Gearheads said...

I found it interesting the differences between the wagon and the 2 door, both being 1972s. First, on the picture of the front fenders, the marker light is completely different. Also, if you look at the passenger side of the dash, the plaque on the wagon says "LTD", the 2 door says "Brougham". This doesn't surprise me as much as the "Fasten Seat Belts" light on the dash of the 2 door that isn't there on the wagon.

Max said...

Jeff, thanks. Some people think it's just a prolonged mid-life crisis. Some people just say I'm crazy. I like master of my own destiny the best. I also like your idea of the 4 Ferrari (Ferraris? Ferraries?), but I have to admit, one of the benefits of old LTDs is that they are a lot less expensive.

Max said...

Gearheads - I noticed that too, but I forgot to include the pictures in the original post. I've added the marker light comparison (last picture) so it's easier for everyone to see what you're talking about. I was also wondering why the 2 door had the fasten seat belts sign and the wagon didn't, and alos realized the perfect condition the wagon's dash is in. No cracks at all.
P.S. - I heard the 2 door breathe a sigh of relief when I started it up with the new air filter - that old one was BAD!

A Paperback Writer said...

Name suggestion for newest car: Green Hornet. Or possibly Legal Alien, now that it has a "green card" (or not, since it's not really "green" in the modern, environmentally friendly sense of the word). And, you know, martians are green, right?
Just a thought.
This photo session looks like it took a good part of the day, moving all those cars around by yourself. Wow.
And, gee, it's so good you blurred out the license plate on the convertible -- because now, no one would ever recognize a red-and-white, yacht-length convertible with bumperstickers advertising the Utah Stars and impeaching Nixon. I mean, such cars are so common and all that it'll blend right in in a parking lot anywhere.....

Anonymous said...

Herb Doom was the one who coined the 'corners like a shopping cart'. I was driving an Isuzu Trooper when he made that observation.


Max said...

Writer - I really like your suggestions for names, except I'm not sure I'm going to repaint it green. The wagon is already green, and I was actually thinking of going brown. (White convertible, blue 4 door, green wagon, brown 2 door). So any color inspired name will have to wait until it's painted. As for the comment about blurring out license plates - smartass. (But it did make me laugh).

Max said...

Anonymous, if that really is your name - I thought it was you, doing your "commercial announcer" impersonation as you drove it through the snow in the outback. Or I could be wrong.