Thursday, January 07, 2010

Call-out for Fallout

BBS Flashbacks reminded me why my basement,callout garage and cedar closet are full of things I look at once a decade.  Memories.  TMC brought up World Devastation, a fantasy band that had a fantasy tour that we actually made up t-shirts for. 

So, as soon as I read his post, I ran into my bedroom, rifled through the closet and, voila, found a mint condition World Devastation Call-out for Fallout shirt.  I went and took pictures of it, front (above) and back (below), put forfallout them on my site and sent him links to the pictures.

Now, we spent a lot of time on those t-shirts, Not just coming up with the perfect picture on the front, but coming up with the cities for the tour.  The goal was to come up with the most convoluted tour route (map the towns, you’ll see), going to the funniest named towns, with ridiculous populations (the green numbers are their populations in 1987). 

Yeah, it was fun.  And thanks for reminding me TMC.



The Gearheads said...

My favorite is the two day tour to Isachsen, Yukon - population 2. Seemed silly to me, but you had a rational explanation.

The Gearheads said...

Also, I think you need to be cited for over linking a blog. You would think one would be sufficient.

Max said...

The best part about the Isachsen stop was that we had to be there 3 full days. One guy had Wednesday off, the other had Friday off, but they both worked Thursday. We wouldn't have hit our full audience if we hadn't been there both days.
As for the linking, must we be sooooo critical?

The Gearheads said...

critical, no. Observant, yes

TM.Cavalier said...

Gearheads: Overlinking a blog? Perhaps. Worth it? Definitely -- it was a World Devastation 25 year reunion tour!

Max: I thought the three days in Isachsen was brilliant myself. Gave us time to rest as well as caring enough for the community to ensure everybody could come to the concert. According to Wikipedia site seeing in Isachsen: There is only moss, lichen, and tiny flowers. Wildlife is limited to Polar Bears, arctic fox and muskox.

Can you picture those blokes from liverpool riding a muskox!

Max said...

How true. Half the fun was having that full day inbetween for the muskoxen rides. I start laughing all over again when I picture Herb Doom hanging by one foot from that animal's horn. Good times.

Harbinger (Herb) F. Doom said...

Hey, keep the "Herb Doom hanging from a muskox horn" talk to a minimum. I still freak out in inversion therapy.

Max said...

Sorry - hope we didn't cause a setback in your therapy..