Saturday, January 02, 2010

Car #56, almost.

The Gearheads called me this morning, said they found another ltds LTD.  1969 2 door hardtop, just like the first LTD I owned.  They wanted to bring it by and show it to me.  I said yes, of course, the whole time wondering how much they wanted for it, and where I’d get the cash.  Not where I’d park yet another vehicle, just running through my cash and thinking of what can be put off.

When I went out toinUSA get the paper, I noticed the new snow on the ground and called them to let them know the LTD might not make it in the  driveway.  All they said was that it was no problem and they’d be here in about 15 minutes.  This is when it first crossed my mind that it wasn’t a real, full-sized car.  Half of me was happy that I’d be able to finish the work on the 2 door instead of spending it on another car.  You can probably guess how the other half felt.

When I saw it, my other half said “ok, that’s cool comparetoo.”  It’s an old metal toy car, bigger than your standard Matchbox  or Hot Wheels, and without any of the innards.  It’s just the shell with wheels, but it’s obvious that’s the way it came.  It’s solid metal, and inside it’s stamped with “MADE IN U.S.A.”

They got it from her mother, who found it packed away somewhere with a few other old toys, and since it was a blue ‘69 LTD, they thought it would go good with my collection.

Thanks you three, it’s awesome!



The Gearheads said...

Why do you have a hot wheels Vega?

Max said...

Ah am pleading tha fifth, 'cause ah have no recollection as to wah ah have a Vega in mah house.

Alex said...

That is an illness. You need to check yourself into the Henry Ford clinic

A Paperback Writer said...

Cute. :)

A Paperback Writer said...

Oh, and I have a small, all-metal-no-insides, blue VW Beetle that looks a heck of a lot like my first car. I've kept the little toy for years, and it's still on my bookshelf.

A Paperback Writer said...

Oh, and nice photoshopping, by the way. :)