Monday, November 09, 2009

Sunday, Funday.

i80As I’m headed from church to the Chevron, I get to the 13th East exit just to find out it’s closed (eastbound not the westbound one that has been closed for a month now).  Which is a pain since the Chevron is 2 blocks from the exit.  But I’m not too annoyed, since I’ve had to get off at the 7th East exit on my way home from school anyways.  So I blow right past 13th and get in the right lane to exit at 7th.  Yeah.  Right. The 7th East exit is closed too.  Now I’m a little annoyed, because this means I’ll have to go all the way down to State Street, and backtrack up 21st South, about 4 miles out of my way.  Fortunately, the State Street exit was actually open, even though it looked like it was closed until I was right on it.  Now that would have really upset me, I would have had to go all the way to the 4th West exit by the Home Depot on 21st and 3rd.  Thankfully I still made it to work on time.

buttThen, after work, The Gearheads call me up to help them load a rear quarter panel for their Cougar that came in on a Greyhound Bus.  We get down to the bus station and have to check in at the ticket counter, where I see their arrivals and departures.  Not usually noteworthy, but lookmen at the second place listed.  My guess is that this refers to Butte, Montana, but that’s only a guess.  I found another interesting sign when I went to relieve myself.  I wasn’t sure I was allowed to use this restroom, since I was neither headless nor in a wheelchair with a bite taken out of my head.  But I went anyway, ‘cause it was either that or use the bushes.


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