Sunday, November 08, 2009

3rd Place in a beauty contest.

 Show10 So I had my convertible and my 4-door in a car show to benefit the Boys & Girls Club here in Sugarhouse.  I did it just for fun, not even expecting to win anything, and it was fun.  Hanging out with a bunch of car people, talking about my cars to people who are looking.  It was fun.

And it was the perfect day for it.  Sunny, Show08 cool enough that you needed an extra shirt on, or a jacket, but not cold.  5 degrees warmer would have been nice, but anything more than that would have made it hot standing in a parking lot with a bunch of cars.  So winning stuff wasn’t even on my mind.

But I bought a few raffle tickets anyway.  After all it was a fundraiser and the money was going to the Boys & Girls Club, good cause.  So I was pretty surprised when I won the raffle grand prize, a 22” flat screen TV.  Niiice.  And then Old Blue won 3rd place in the 4-Door division.  That was actually even nicer than the TV. 

Show11The Gearheads ‘69 Cougar took first place  in the Under Construction category, which came with a month of time at The Wrench-It Center.


One of the first digital dashes – out of this car:


Which is one of my favorite body styles of the Nissan Z cars.


A ‘72 Datsun 510 wagon, that just reminded me way too much of my first car, a ‘72 Dodge Cold wagon, which was also green.  I voted for this car for Best In Show, which won.


A few fire trucks and a an ambulance showed up to show off their vehicles.  I was amazed at how well the driver in the back of this ladder engine maneuvered his truck while backing up, right in front of my cars.  I’d have sworn he was going to take out both of them, but he knew what he was doing.


The Heavy Rescue Team is specifically designed for things like collapsed building and other heavy structure situations.


They let the kids play with some of their equipment.  Here my nephew aims a water hose at me.


According to one of the fire guys, this water cannon was invented by a firefighter right here in Salt Lake City


Just looking down a line of cars.

And finally:


My take for the day.  1 trophy, 1 TV and 2 T-shirts.

Not a bad day at all.



A Paperback Writer said...

Well, hey. That just rocks. What a fun day.

Now, here's the weird part: I had a dream at about 5:30 AM this morning (I remember it because I woke up immediately afterward, deciding I really needed a drink of water, so I ended up thinking, "That was a weird dream." long enough to recall it into daytime.). In the dream, I heard a car door slam late at night, so I went to look out my front window to see if someone was vandalizing the fresh cement across the street. But it was a whole bunch of kids in a white convertible that looked exactly like yours picking up the neighbor kid to go out carousing. I thought, "That car looks just like Max's!" But then it changed to a red car looking a heck of a lot like the Gearheads' one pictured in your blog -- a car which I've never seen before. I was pondering how dangerous it was to have that many kids piled into one car and how I ought to mention it to the neighbor the next day, when I suddenly remembered that the neighbor's son is only 4 and that this must be a dream. At this point, I woke up.
However, it is odd that I'd have such a dream after your big winning day (okay, so it was old blue and not the convertible). I don't think I've ever dreamed about your cars before.
So, does this prove I'm psychic? Or merely psycho?
Either way, I'm still glad your car won a trophy.

Jo said...

Congratulations Rossi! That's so cool; you should share these things with people you know, so I could have come and checked it out and been all supportive and such ;) Now you have a sweet TV for all things CSI!

A Paperback Writer said...

Y'know, the way you've got the trophy next to the TV box in the photo, it looks like you've won a sewing machine. (Just in case you wanted to sew new cushions or something.)

Max said...

Writer - well, I don't know about the psychic part, but I can vouch for the psycho. :) I didn't notice it before, but it does look like a sewing maching. Of course, I'll get a lot more use out of the TV.
Jo - next time I'll post it here. I'm hoping on getting to more car shows, but there probably won't be many until spring.