Saturday, November 14, 2009

It’s HERE!

Picked up the latest addition to my stables today.  It didn’t want to start right away, it took a little bit of carb cleaner.  It also didn’t want to stay running at first either.  And boy did it smoke up the neighborhood.  But it was good smoke, not the blue oily smelling smoke that says you need a new engine.  The black and white smoke that says this car ha20091114_0025_jpgsn’t run in a long time kind of smoke.  But since it was exactly like the way my convertible ran when it sat for two years, I just kept babying it until it would idle without dying. 
By the time we had filled it up with good gas and I got it home, it was purring like a kitten, put your hand on the front fender and you could barely feel the vibrations.  And the transmission shifts smooth as ice right after the Zamboni rode over it.  Well worth the $200 for the engine and transmission alone.  If you look at the picture (HERE),  manualyou’ll that the front seat is in useable condition, it’s got a few rips in it, but the cushioning is still intact.  But the back seat is in perfect condition, looks like new.  It needs a new vinyl top and the paint is nicely oxidized.  There are a couple of bad rust spots right behind the back tires, repairable though, and some surface rust, but overall it’s solid.  the best part, though, is the all-but-mint-condition owners manual.


jmpnmark said...

The return of the battle fleet?

A Paperback Writer said...

Looks like Christmas came early this year.
You even sound like you're bouncing around in excitement.
Nice zamboni metaphor there, too.
Let me know when I can come by and see it.

Max said...

jmpn - Batlefleet Galactica - the original name for the car was Ford Galaxie LTD. Works for me.
Writer - maybe one evening next week - you're more than welcome to come by.

TM.Cavalier said...

Good lord, its the USS Battlestar Galaxy Quest. That's a little long, how about the Ba-Gal Quest. No, needs a little more shortening - how about the HMS Bagel Quest?

LTD edition, eh? Not many of them sold. I hear it can do zero-to-icemachine in 8.2 seconds.