Sunday, March 01, 2009

801 + 435 + 385 does not equal 1621.

Maybe I've just been living in Utah too long, but I don't ever remember having to dial the area code even if the number you're (Writer, does that apostrophe belong there?) calling is in the same area code. Utah just got that privilege. The 801 number is exausted. The 435 number is only used outside Salt Lake County. So, they came up with a new area code for us - 385. But instead of issuing it to a single area, like they did with the 435 prefix, they are going to just issue it to all new phone numbers. Which means even if I'm calling my next door neighbor, who has had his same number for years, I'm going to have to dial the area code.
Well, thank God for cell phones. (Yes, you heard right. As annoying as people abusing them can be, I like having one). Of course I'll have to go through my contact list and add 801 to any number that doesn't have an area code already and whenever I add a number I'll have to make sure I get the area code right. But at least once it's in the phone I won't have to remember to dial 10, instead of 7, digits. I'll still just choose "Fred" and hit the gree dial button. Uh, as long as I don't lose it again.
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J said...

Umm, I'm not Writer, but just as smart since I teach the same subject and yes, you're apostrophe is in the correct spot. Also, stop complaining about adding your area codes; every but UT and Wyoming, probably Montana due it so it's time for UT get with the rest of the country :)

Max said...

Hey J, you know our Costco card has expired?
Anyway, the only reason I said that to Writer, is because she just blogged about apostrophies on her blog.
And we live in Utah where "the rest of the country does it" has very little power.
So, pbbbbbblllllltttt!

A Paperback Writer said...

She's already answered it, but the easy way to tell if you want "you're" or "your" is to ask yourself if you can replace it with "you are." If you can, then you want "you're." It works with "it's" and "its" too. If you can replace it with "it is," then you want "it's."
And yes, I am annoyed with the area code thing, too.