Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Are due this week. Yea. Not like I have anything else to do. We also have the first graduation meeting next week. Means the end of the school year is coming up quickly. It's gonna be busy, especially with having to finish up my Master's Capstone Project, get the graduation program together, set up all the new teacher computers that will be here soon, prepare my classes for the CRT*'s, prepare the CRT*'s for all the other classes, and try to squeeze in a little teaching to boot. If it weren't for the light at the end of the tunnel, I'd go crazy. (crazier?)
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*CRT - end of year tests for No Child Left Behind.


Max said...

Got this from an anonymous poster, couldn't figure out how to edit the email out because I don't want to post it here without their expressed consent, so:

Are you still looking for a 71 Ford ltd? If so email me at ******** My husband has one that he keeps putting to much time n money into and I hate the big ol boat! I have him covinced to sell it!!

Max said...

Well, I'd love a 71 LTD, especially if it's a 2 door, fit right in the middle of the '69, '70 and '72. But since funds are a little low right now, I'm gonna have to pass.
But if you want me to post your email on here in case someone else is interested, just let me know, I'll add your original post.