Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Garbage

I routinely find trash in front of my house. From empty beer cans to half empty KFC cups, people just can't seem to carry their trash all the way home. Today, as I went to pick up my newspaper from the end of the driveway, seeing some paper laying down by it I thought "another slob leaves their mess for me to clean up." As I leaned down to pick it up and realized what it was, I thought "This kind of mess, I'm happy to have to pick up."
Yeah, it's only a $5 bill, but at 6 am when the two cups of coffee have yet to kick in, it's quite a find. Just enough to start the day off on a good note.....
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TM.Cavalier said...

...and the next day, the paper boy shows up and demands his $2.00