Sunday, February 22, 2009

Decorating Style.

I took a little test on decorating style over at Naptime Nostalgia, and wasn't too suprised with the results. According to Sproost, my decorating style is
  • 43% Mountain Lodge,
  • 33% Arts & Crafts and
  • 24% Southwest.
And I thought it was just Cluttered and Random.

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Jannx said...

Hello Max. I took the test 3 different times, and I got three different answers. The best answer I was satisfied with was "Contemporary" style.

Max said...

Yeah, that's a problem with those kinds of tests, you can get different results at different times. I actually took it twice, the first time I was 39% Arts & Crafts, 39% Southwest and 22% Mt. Lodge. Same three, just in different proportions. But either way, for me at least, I think it had my basics down.

A Paperback Writer said...

I can't take the quiz because I have dial up and it would take about 6 hours to load everything. However, I would identify my own decorating style as 50% parental leftovers, 25% LLBEan, 20% ecclectic world-traveling weirdness, and 5% what I could afford at KMART.
That pretty well sums it up.