Friday, February 06, 2009


Got this in an email and just had to share.

You learn something EVERY day!
I've always wondered about this myself. Now I know!
  • The Silent generation, people born before 1944.
  • The Baby Boomers, people born between 1945 and 1962.
  • Generation X , people born between 1963 and 1979.
  • Generation Y, people born between 1980 and 2001.
Why do we call the last one generation Y?

I did not know, but a cartoonist explains it eloquently below...

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naptime nostalgia said...

That is awesome.

ConnectingTheDots said...

Interesting blog you've got here. But whoever sent you this email about generations is using old numbers. Most generations experts these days break it down more or less like this:
Silent Gen: 1925-1941
Boomers: 1942-1953
Generation Jones: 1954-1965
GenX: 1966-1978
GenY: 1979-1992

Google Generation Jones, and you'll see it’s gotten a lot of media attention, and many top commentators from many top publications and networks (Washington Post, Time magazine, NBC, Newsweek, ABC, etc.)specifically use this term to describe Obama.

Great op-ed on exactly this topic in USA TODAY last week:

Max said...

Thanks Naptime, but not as funny as your Ellen clip. I'm still laughing over that one.

Max said...

Dots, thanks for the info, and the links. It's nice to see someone who backs up their statements riather than just spewing info.
That email was one of those that has been forwarded so many times it would take a serious search to see where it started. I usually double check info I get in those kinds of emails, but since I was focusing on the humor I decided not to worry about checking the dates. But it is nice to know that I'm not a Boomer, but rather part of Generation Jones.
Oh, and welcome to my blog.

A Paperback Writer said...

Okay, I agree with Dots that I've never heard of Generation X going all the way back to the early sixties, but I have never heard of either the Silent Generation or Generation Jones before. I thought those who fought WWII were The Greatest Generation and those of us who were teens in the 1980s were the Me Generation.
But I like the Y Generation explanation you give.
I actually have no frickin clue what either Gen. X or Gen Y are really supposed to stand for. maybe I'd better check wikipedia.

Max said...

Here's what I got from Wikipedia (all debates about Wikipedia's validity aside)

• 1883-1900 The Lost Generation - from expatriated Americans living in Paris in the 20's and 30's.
• 1901-1924 The G.I. Generation - these are the people who fouoght in WWII, also known as The Greatest Generation.
• 1925-1945 The Silent Generation - too young to fight in WWII, but had fathers who fought in WWI.
• 1946-1954 The Baby Boomers - because of the popuilation explosion right after WWII.
• 1955-1964 Generation Jones - didn't say why Jones, but previously referred to as The Lost Generation because they were between the Boomers and Gen X.
• 1965-1979 Generation X - connected to the pop culture of the 80's and the 90's. Also known as the Reagan Generation and Baby Busters.
• 1980-2000 Generation Y - also known as the Millenials. Didn't say where the Y comes from, maybe the cartoonist is right.
• 2001-present Unnamed, mainly because they are too young, or as Wikipedia put it “haven’t come into their own yet.”
Well, that's what Wikipedia says.

A Paperback Writer said...

Yeah, I read that too. It was more helpful (but not as funny) as the e-mail.