Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Match Game 2009.

We had an assembly today, honored the students who earned Academic Letter sweaters.  Since we don't have competitive sports at our school, the faculty decided to work this out so the students could "letter" in academics.  Out of a student body of 350, we honored our first 4 students.  Now, to make the assembly a little more fun, we surrounded the awarding with something from the Dance Company and our own version of the Match Game.  The basic rules (for those of you who don't remember) are that we are given a sentence with a blank in it, such as (this was one of ours) "Eric got kicked out of the department store for giving all the mannequins a _________." A panel of 6 celebrities fill in the blank and then the contestant comes up with their own answer and gets points for each celebrity answer they match.  (Answers were kept relatively clean, such as "kiss", "foot massage" and "wedgie".)
Well, I was on the celebrity panel, and the subject of one of the sentences. "Mr. Rossi is going to star in a new soap opera called The Old and the ______less."
  • I came up with clueless,
  • the History teacher came up with pointless,
  • the English teacher came up with careless,
  • the Science teacher came up with womenless,
  • the Counselor came up with gutless,
  • the ISS guy came up with toothless,
  • and the student contestant came up with useless.

It's a good thing I didn't go into this job looking for an ego boost.
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jmpnmark said...

I thought of one but I don't think you'd allow it on your blog.

Max said...

Yeah, I can imagine. Thanks!

naptime nostalgia said...

Ha. That is funny. Good thing you have a good sense of humor.

Max said...

Yeah, it was quite funny. The whole thing was, and getting roasted a little didn't hurt. One of the nice things about being a teacher is you get to be a celebrity, even if it is in a relatively small realm.

A Paperback Writer said...

Well, at least the principal didn't say "jobless."

Max said...

Well, I was a little afraid of that when I filled in "Caveman Joe went to a weird wedding where a dinosaur ________ed the bride" with snorted. As bad as answers could have been, mine was the worst.