Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where did all the 2 door sedans go?

When I bought my last car (used) I wanted a sedan with AWD and a manual transmission, and in order to get the latter two I had to settle for a wagon. Then I started my Master's program and promised myself a new car if and when I ever got done.   I figured get my degree, get the raise that accompanied it and pick up a the sedan I really wanted.  Considering the current economic situation, this is a good time to get a new car, so I started looking.
Now you look out at the sea of new cars and figure man, there's a ton of choices, the selection is better than ever!  Yeah, if you want an SUV or a 4 door sedan.  Not if you want a 2 door sedan.  I went to the NADA site and searched for 2 door sedans and came up with two. 2. A Ford Focus for $18,000 and a Bentley for $341,000.  Not the selection I expected.
I remember the time when pretty much every basic car came in at least 3 different iterations; 2 door sedan, 4 door sedan and a wagon.  This included both foreign and domestic cars.  In many cases there were even more choices, adding on the 2 door hardtop, 4 door hardtop and sometimes the all exciting fastback
There are a slew of coupes, the modern day version of the fastback, but they are all their very own model and few have a sedan version.  Sedans are 4 door, coupes 2 door and no longer the twain shall meet. 
I don't think I'm going to buy a new car.  None of the coupes (that I can afford) attract me and if I'm gonna be stuck with 4 doors, I might as well stay with the Subaru wagon.  Guess I'll just have to find a '71 LTD 2 door to add to the collection instead......
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A Paperback Writer said...

Good plan. You shouldn't pay out that much money for something you don't really like that much. Perhaps next year's models will be better and then you can get a newer car in a couple of years.
I still don't like the color of my car....

Oh, I have a great car story to tell you. You need to call me (check the e-mail I sent), as it's too long to type.

Max said...

Yup. I really do like the Subaru, it's a great car. I just wanted a 2 door sedan and until I can find one that I really like, there's no sense changing.
I'll give ya a call tomorrow and hear the car story and talk to ya about that other stuff...