Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yet another email scam...

Hopefully you all know the "I've got 7 billion dollars I can't get out of my country, send me your bank info and I'll split it with you" scam. Or all the other "send me money, I promise my check, money order, etc. are good" ones.

Well, I just read about a new one. A lady got an email from an old friend she hasn't heard from in a while, saying she was in the hospital and asking to be wired money to help with bills. She was smart enough to ask for the name of the hospital, and got suspicious when the 'friend' got evasive.

It seems the latest is to hack into your email and send these messages out to all your contacts. So beware, just because you know or knew the person, doesn't mean it is actually them. And frankly, if I cared enough about someone to send them money, I'd care enough to call them and let them know first hand that I'd help them any way I could.

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