Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not-So-Smart Car

I usually don't drive the beasts during an inversion, even in '72 "pollution control" meant flooring it for only one block after the light turns green. But today I was looking for some furniture and needed the room. So, I'm out in the BattleCruiser again, driving up 13th East when this guy in a blue Smart Car pulls out in front of me. Good thing I was paying attention, 'cause I wouldn't have even noticed when I ran right over the thing.
Little Platy is no more. I hadn't seen the little lizard guy for a few days, figured he was up under the house gorging on spiders. But, alas, no, I went downstairs last night and found him sprawled out by the water softener. Poor guy, if I'd known what to do to save him, short of driving him down to Moab, I would have. But I'm sure he wouldn't have survived outside in the cold. R.I.P. Platy, you were a good pet for the week I had you.
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