Saturday, January 31, 2009

Junior High mentality with High School hormones.

Every school I've taught at the kids have accused me of having a thing for one (or more) of the female teachers on the staff. My first school it was the Spanish teacher, 10 years my junior. My second school it was Paperback Writer. My third school it was either the English teacher that came over from my second school the same year or the History teacher right next door. These were all junior high schools, so I thought it was a junior high thing. Not so much. I moved to the high school right around the corner from the jr high I was teaching at, so now three years later, I have a bunch of the same students I had there, back when they were in 7th grade. They are now Sophmores, and they are still asking me if I'm dating Ms. History Teacher. Ahh, but the plot thickens. This year a history teacher from Paperback Writer's school transferred over to my high school. (It's hard keeping track of all this without the school names, huh? Sorry). Her classroom is right next door to mine, and since we were friends back at the old school, I drop by often to see how she's doing in the new environment. Despite the fact that she is the same age as my oldest niece, the kids are convinced that we have something going. I walk out of her classroom one afternoon and there is a bunch of the boys hanging out at their locker right near by. (Anyone who has met her will know why the boys hang out by her room). They give me this all knowing look, and one of them says something, though I can't remember what. So I look at them and say "Yeah, you're just jealous." Junior High they would have turned red and denied the whole thing. High School they just looked a little humble and agreed. On another day a group of boys and girls were advising me on where I should take her on our date. One girl suggested I take her to the Mayan*, because (and I quote) "You'll have your food and she'll see them guys in Speedos." Um, thanks.
And finally, the most romantic thing I've ever heard in the halls of a public school : "If I were s sponge, I'd soak you up." I think I'll sell that one to Hallmark.
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* The Mayan is a restaurant that has an indoor diving pool, and part of the entertainment includes music, dancing and guys diving into the pool.


A Paperback Writer said...

I can only assume it is the red-headed history teacher if the boys are jealous. Teenage boys are ALWAYS after her. Funny. Well, you've been paired with worse. She IS pretty.
And it wasn't just me when you were at my school. It was also the librarian (uh, for anyone who doesn't already know; it's not the same librarian we have now; this one was female), the science teacher, and probably a few others.
We've discussed this before. You have alll the qualities a woman wants: you're male, straight, single, and employed. This is Utah. 99.99% of straight women want to be in a relationship. You will have to deal with being a desireable item and the resulting gossip as long as you remain unattached.
Enjoy it.
And go take Ms. Redhead to the Mayan. You can add another woman to your list and have a little fun as well.

Oh yeah. Remember how the day you did the April Fool's joke and proposed to me the band teacher thought it was for real and that it was "sweet"? That was funny.
Of course, I've had three marriage proposals (two were jokes) in my lifetime, and yours actually was the sweetest, even though I knew it was fake. Ah, the irony.

Max said...

The funny thing is that the History teacher at the Jr. High I was at between yours and the high school is also a red head. Which has led to some of them being convinced I have a thing for red headed History teachers. There may have been others at your school, but as far as the librarian is concerned, I never did anything to fuel the rumors. She was an interesting character, and frankly, I'd rather be thought of as paired up with the current librarian than her. And thanks for the compliment on the proposal, nice to know I can be romantic even if I never get the chance to use it.

A Paperback Writer said...

Well, I think the current librarian is better-looking than the last one, but then that makes a good deal of sense if one takes gender into account.
But I understand what you mean. I'm quite sure that most people would prefer an afternoon with the easy-to-laugh current librarian over an afternoon with the gossipy former librarian. But I'd still recommend that you take Ms. Redhead to the Mayan instead of Mr. Librarian -- unless, of course, you REALLY want to start some interesting rumors.....