Saturday, February 16, 2008

When are they going to stop embarassing themselves?

Seriously? This man openly refers to gay people as heinous and bad legislation as a dark ugly black baby. And the people of West Jordan continue to re-elect him. Of course I've argued for years that you could pit a sack of potatoes with an "R" after it's name against an intelligent man or woman with a "D" after their name and in Utah the potatoes would get elected. Proof? David Monson vs. Frances Farley in the late 80's. Sack of potatoes vs. intelligent woman. The potatoes won. There are a few Democratic strongholds in this state. Salt Lake City hasn't had a Republican mayor for at least three decades. And until Governor Norm Bangerter (of "take two aspirin and get back to work" fame*) we'd had several decades of Democratic Governorship. But our state legislature is made up of a supermajority of old white Republican men, and they pretty much get to do what they want. And now they're trying make it harder for us to stop them. Private School Vouchers went down in a blaze of glory with the citizen's refferendum last election, and that made them mad. Lot of nerve us common folk have not listening to the smart folk up on the hill. So now there's a bill up there that will shorten the time a group has to collect the signatures necessary to get a refferendum on the ballot. By about two months. Yup, they represent us. If by "us" you mean developers, road builders, REAL Salt Lake and Larry H Miller (you know this guy!).
* In the late 80's when Utah bypassed Mississippi with the lowest per pupil spending in the country and the teacher's complained, Gov. Bangerter actually said that to them. This was before I was a teacher.
And I found a new blog to visit - Salt Lake CityWeekly's blog. I'm not sure if it is an official blog for the newspaper, or if someone just set it up, but HERE is the link.


A Paperback Writer said...

Yup. Buttars: homophobic, xenophobic, mysoginist.
He sounds like a pretty scary vocabulary list.
But we're not the only state with issues: John McCain is leading the Republicans. Holy Crap. I thought Romney was scary until I saw Huckabee's to-do list. Then I saw McCain's. Oh. My. Heck. The guy's worse than W.
I've never been a party person, but the GOPs are gettin' scarier and scarier.
I hope Hillary makes it. But if she doesn't, I'll be behind Obama.

Max said...

When Oprah first endorsed Obama, it kind of set me off. I firmly beleive that she would back G.W., if he were black. I saw her interviewing Tiger Woods father and, since his wife is white, Oprah asked what race Tiger was raised to be. His father answers "the human race", which was obviously not the answer she wanted. But as I've listened to Obama, I've gotten over that reaction to Oprah's racism. After all, he has said the one thing I've been longing to hear from a politician throughout this whole NCLB debate - "and parents have to do their part. Turn off the TV, put away the video games and read to your kids." I can support a president that acknowledges the responsibility of parents in the so called failing of American Public Schools. Personally, I'd like to see a Hillary Pres./Obama Veep ticket.