Friday, February 22, 2008

Ouch! Ow! @$*&, ohhh, that hurts.

I'm going to defend Senator Chris Buttars. I'm not going to defend his politics of hate, the look on his face as the lesbian mother testified or his comments about babies. They are pretty much indefensible. I'm also not going to defend him against this push for his resignation. I would love nothing more than to see him kicked out of office. What I will defend is his right to change his mind about meeting with the NAACP. According to the article in the Tribune, he originally agreed to meet with them in private, a "one" on one conversation between the two. He didn't deline to meet with them until the NAACP invited the media without his consent. In other words they wanted to turn this frank discussion into a media circus, and I (OUCH) have to agree with Mr. Buttars that there is no reason he should attend a meeting he never really agreed to. He is a petty, evil man. He should be forced to resign and barring that, the people of West Jordan should not endorse his hatred by re-electing him. But there is no reason he should show up to a meeting set up to publicly humiliate him, especially when the rules were changed behind his back. I wouldn't. You probably wouldn't. He shouldn't.


Anonymous said...

I lost my job yesterday because my superivsor head me giving my name to a customer.

I made it all through life without a problem but now i will probably lose my home because of your politically correct complaining. Yeah, you really care about the working man.

Thanks a lot,

David Lynch Black

Max said...

Hmmm. Trying to figure out if this guy is real, or just sarcasm? Either way, what the hell is the point? Enquiring minds want to know......

Max said...
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Max said...

Another comment from my older brother....

Legislative Nuts – Round 3

I know it is a cheap shot and everybody is taking one, but I have to weigh in on the controversy over comments made by Utah State Senator Chris Buttars from West Jordan.

Yes, Senator Buttars is an insensitive bigot as demonstrated by his comments made when referring to a bill as an “ugly black baby”, and yes he is not getting it when he is asked to attend a meeting with the NAACP and he declines by saying he doesn’t want to face a “lynch mob”, but you would think even primordial sludge would know enough not to give his next response. When asked why he chose to refer to a gathering of African Americans as a “lynch mob”, Senator Buttars said “I just don’t know what to say to ‘those people’”.

Earth to Sen. Buttars – put the microphone down and walk away slowly. Don’t say anything else. You may even want to, I don’t know, apologize????? Earth to West Jordan – do you want this guy representing you?

Chris Buttars should be immediately dismissed as a member of the Utah Senate for his racial insensitivity. He should not be allowed to operate complex machinery like a phone or a computer or go out in public without assistance because of his inability to repeatedly see the error of his ways. He is a danger to himself. He could walk into traffic believing the cars would stop because they are all stopped in the parking lot of the Capitol building, or he could cut his hand off using a table saw because he believed he needs to keep the wood from slipping our from the blade even though he is getting a pain in his finger.

Please help Senator Buttars. Keep him from hurting himself. We should start a fund to provide for the common sense and attention to detail he so obviously lacks. Donations could be taken for a chain collar, muzzle and an electronic device that will alert the media if he steps outside his yard, or better yet could shock him if he makes another inappropriate statement. Maybe we could hire one of his gun happy Senate buddies to shoot him every time he says something he shouldn’t – or at least stun him.

That begs the question – if a Utah State Senator says something he shouldn’t when in the company of other Senators does, anyone recognize it as something inappropriate???? If a tree falls on Senator Buttars in the forest, does anyone notice? I’m sure the NAACP would.

A Paperback Writer said...

I yahooed Mr. Black and got this:
Sorry I can' t link, but copy, paste, and check it out.
I'm not quite sure what the crap is going on, but it's a weird comment that shows up there, too.

Max said...

Yeah Writer, I checked it out. He/She/it also posted the exact same thing on another blog :

Personally I think it's a sham. To explain, here is the post I left on the other 2 blogs:

I got the same David Lynch Black comment on my website too. Personally I don't think he really exists. a) why would you tell a customer your full name, including middle? b) Wouldn't his boss already know his name? and c) how would our politically correct complaining permeate society so quickly that it got this guy fired within a week of BUTTar's comments?