Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Older brother rant and rave.

Gun Nut Legislation Round 2

OK – all these suicidal rampaging college students must be having an effect on the Utah Legislature. Again they are promoting gun legislation that is pushing the beliefs of a few on the rest of us. This legislative fervor over the right to bear arms (or did they say they wanted to arm bears – no, that’s a subject for another time) would be funny if it didn’t have potentially (and in some cases actual) deadly consequences.

A few weeks ago a Utah Senator put forward a bill that would require business owners to allow concealed weapons holders the ability to bring their weapon, properly concealed, onto the business’s private property even if the business owner didn’t want it. This is the wisdom behind SB67.

Today I saw a story on another bill, SB473, that seems not only to be in poor taste and against reasonable judgment but also mean and spiteful.

This bill, sponsored by Curtis Oda of Davis County, provides that concealed weapons holders not be required to conceal their weapon. This means if this bill passes they can openly carry loaded weapons into schools, colleges, hospitals and other public areas – even if the school, college or hospital doesn’t want guns on their property.

Does this prompt you to ask yourself – are there really that many people who have trouble distinguishing between Gunsmoke reruns and reality?

As it turns out there is a reason for this bill beyond the obvious. It is a self-centered vengeful reason. You see the University of Utah took up the position of its ultra left wing liberal students and faculty in declaring that no guns were allowed on campus. The Barney Fife crowd challenged this in court and the U lost. It seems we really do need someone to tell us what we should be thinking and doing in public areas.

The University of Utah conceded they wouldn’t go against the court’s ruling but instead required that those packing heat had to keep it to themselves, unless of course a terrorist attack occurred, a student went bizerk or it became necessary to get that parking spot right next to the library (I added the last part, not the U).

That was just too much for these doers of good. They wanted everyone to know they could take over if things got out of hand, or maybe they wanted everyone to know they had a bigger gun than the bad guys.

Would you really feel comfortable walking around campus with a 9mm strapped to your side. Wouldn’t you worry that you would scratch your car as you were getting out? The parking spaces are pretty tight at the U. Wouldn’t you worry that someone (or a group of someones) might want to take your weapon from you or that it might drop out of the holster when you were using the facilities?

But I digress – the message SB 473 seems to be sending is the same as it always is. A small fanatical group wants to impose its beliefs on the rest of us and we should say no. For those who want their voice heard against this sort of fascism, here is the information on how to appeal to your Utah Senator.

By the way – when I wrote my Senator about SB67 a few weeks ago I got an email response saying she was strongly against that bill.

You can get the name, address and email of your Senator by going to the website If you don't know which district you are in it will take a little investigation on this site but it is worth it. You will always have his or her name and you can pummel them with your opinions at will.
Remember only you can prevent bad legislation.


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