Friday, February 22, 2008

Google's taking over the world.

Go to and click on "Maps". If you live in Salt Lake City, type in your address and click "Search Maps". If you don't live in Salt Lake, before you try your own address type in "600 So 500 E, Salt Lake City, Utah" and click "Search Maps". (Not all cities have this option, so that is why you should try Salt Lake first). When you get there, click on "Street View" and then click on the little guy standing in the middle of the map. That picture is an interactive, 360 degree picture of the intersection or your house. Click inside the box, holding it down, and drag it around. Click on an arrow a couple of times. The roads outlined in blue are the roads that have street views, there are a dozen or two cities in the US that have this. Check out your own address. If the roads don't turn blue when you hit "Street View", then you won't get the picture. I found my little brother's house, but the street my big brother's house is on hasn't been done yet. I got real close to the house I grew up in in Lexington, to the corner where we accidentally pushed my little brother out of the car. (Dad, Danny - SHUT UP, WE'RE ALMOST HOME - but dad, dann - I TOLD YOU TO BE QUIET BACK THERE - but dad...... In dad's defense, we were an obnoxious group of kids and we had been on the road for a while.)

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