Thursday, February 07, 2008

Some of Our Legislators Really Are Out of Touch

Your tax dollars are being spent to sponsor SB67 which will require business owners to allow concealed weapons on their property. You see there is this thing called the Constitution in which a property owner is entitled to a particularly high level of protection and discretion about what he or she can allow to happen on their property. This bill doesn't bother with such trivial things but wants to help us to help those trying to help us.
Our good neighbors at the legislature feel it is necessary to protect us against the government "crawling under our car and into our glove boxes to tell us what we can and can't have in our possession" (Salt Lake Tribune February 7, 2008). The bill would require a property owner who refuses to allow the right thinking vigilante from bringing a gun onto their property to build a fence and a gun safe where the gun can be stored when the kindly protector is visiting the naive owner and his establishment. If you haven't detected some sarcasm my intent is to suggest that SB67 is a significant imposition of the rights of a few on a fundamental right we all have, to protect our own property from harm. I may think differently if gun use was a daily occurance for everyone but it isn't and the Trolley Square shooting, which could have been a boon to the concealed weapons people if a citizen was there and was able to protect others, but they weren't (or at least they didn't show themselves). An off duty police officer, properly trained and professionally equipped for that type of situation, saved many lives. Besides, do we want the government telling us what we can and can't do on our property?
So what can we do as Joe or Sally Public? We can tell our State Senator we want oppose SB67 and demand they vote against it. You can get the name, address and email of your Senator by going to the website If you don't know which district you are in it will take a little investigation on this site but it is worth it. You will always have his or her name and you can pummel them with your opinions at will.
I am in district 4 and my Senator is Patricia Jones. Here is the content of the email I sent her "Dear Senator Jones,I live in your district in Holladay and I am against SB67. I believe it is a gross infringement of my constitutional rights and I strongly urge you to vote against it."
Thanks and have a great day defending our Constitution.
Alex Rossi


Max said...

Seriously folks, is our city so dangerous that we are not safe walking out to our car without packing heat? The day it gets that bad is the day I move. Think about it, WHO really needs that kind of 24/7 protection? Drug dealers? Gang Bangers? Not your average citizen, not most of us. Most of us live our lives flying under the radar of these types of people, and other than the rare anomaly we never come face to face with someone wanting to shoot us. It would make more sense to demand that every car be made out of foam rubber, and have a national speed limit of 25MPH.

A Paperback Writer said...

Hey, Alex, you can bring a gun to my house, but ONLY if you promise to use my neighbors' dogs for target practice. Deal?