Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why wasn't I there?

Seems a couple of nights ago the Tesoro on Highland Drive was robbed. I found out when I went to dinner with one of the counselors and a friend of hers that used to come into the Chevron all the time. This friend of hers was driving down the road between Pei Wei and Granite Furniture when she saw a guy running and being followed by two guys, one in one of those fluorescent crossing guard vests. So she gets down to Fairmont Park and turns around and asks the guy bringing up the rear what's going on. He tells her they're chasing a guy that just robbed the Tesoro and she figures "I'm a mom in a minivan, let's go get the guy". She invites the guy to hop in and they flip down the road heading towards Smith's looking for the burglar, who happens to be in a bright red parka. They see him behind a tree and she stops, down the street a bit and the guy gets out of the minivan and goes to confront the burglar. Nobody knows if he ever had a gun, but the burglar tells him to back off or he'll shoot, and of course he backs off. The burglar takes off, he hops back in the minivan and tells her what happened. So she starts following the burglar, at a reasonable distance, and since she stayed back at the confrontation he isn't aware of her minivan. While she's driving they cal 9-1-1, and bring them up to speed, and even let them know when they see the burglar toss the red parka in the dumpster. They end up about two blocks behind him on Hollywood Avewhen the cops show up right as the burglar turns north on Lincoln Ave. She has already described the burglar to the cops, so she just points up Lincoln and they go get him. Earlier today they called her and asked if she actually saw him take off the parka and if he was ever out of her sight. She admits that he did get out of her sigh but that she did see hime toss the parka in the dumpster. She gave them her account and was a little worried that it wouldn't stand up in court, and they told her that it was ok because they had reviewed the tapes at the Tesoro and there was no doubt they got the right guy. And all for $30.

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