Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Trailer, cats, rainbow and a sunset.

About a year ago I got a trailer from a friend’s father.  He moved into a condo and didn’t have room to store it so he just gave it to me.  It was a rusted old International truck bed, with ratty old tires, made into a trailer.

Well, yesterday I got it two brand new tires and $30 of paint.

Looks a little better, eh?

And today I hooked it up to the Jeep and put it back on the side of the house.

Then I went back into the house and joined the cats in a strenuous workout of napping.

Finally ended the day with a trip to the park to get shots of the sunset.  But first I caught this one of a rainbow.


Alexia said...

Holidays are fun, aren't they?
Fantastic sunset shots!

Lisa Shafer said...

Nobody does sunsets quite like you. :)