Saturday, July 25, 2015

Not so much.

So I was told that these little tabs on my windows were there to keep the windows from being opened all the way, so you could leave them about 3” open for air, but nobody could open them all the way to get in the house.

I found out today that’s not true, as a matter of fact, they just assist the burglar in getting in the house.

See, I went down to Price to visit a friend today, had a wonderful day but came home to this:

My house was broken into.  They cut the screen and then popped the window out.   I didn’t get cleaned out, they didn’t take any of the three televisions, the computer, my tablet or even the liquor in the fridge.  They did get all the change out of my change bucket and a couple antique cameras.  That’s all – but still enough to piss me off and creep me out that some jackass was in my house going through my stuff.

What I did find out, and what you need to be aware of, is that those little tabs are there to hold down the window rails so that you can lift up and pop out the window.  As soon as I realized that, it was simple to get the window back in.  I also felt real stupid for making it so easy to get into my house.


Lisa Shafer said...

Oh no! That's the second time recently!! How long ago was it since someone broke in during that power outage? About two years?
I am SO sorry! This is terrible.
Why is it that my neighbors leave their doors unlocked and their windows open ALL summer long, and yet nobody messes with them, and yet you get this twice?
Also, it's sort of odd that the thief/thieves would take your spare change but not a tablet. I'm guessing *puts on deerstalker hat and tweed cape* that they were on foot and wanted stuff that was easy to carry without being noticed. Someone would have noticed if they'd hauled out a TV. The cameras would be easy to carry. (Ouch! So sorry those were taken!) But it seems to me that a tablet would be easier to carry than a whole lot of change. Maybe they wanted cash and that was all you had.
This just sucks. Seriously. Only that junior high school word will do for this.
But, dude, you gotta stop leaving your windows open when you leave the house! This is twice!

Lisa Shafer said...

Just realized some major weirdness here: as you were writing about this real theft, I was writing about your fictional counterpart (in my latest novel) whose car was stolen. *insert Twilight Zone them song*

Max Sartin said...

That's what bugs me about this time: I thought the windows were secure. Somewhere I got the wrong impression of what those tabs were for. Live and learn.