Sunday, June 23, 2013

Something’s going wacko on my blog.

  • 26,847 page views in the last month.
  • 3,280 yesterday alone and
  • 5,132 on June 17th, for the busiest day ever.

Before this unexplained inundation hit on June 15th, with 3,915 page views in one day, the highest number of hits I’d had in one month was 4,802 in October of 2012.  That’s an average of 155 a day, or 3% of June 17th‘s high.

I would love to believe that I’ve suddenly become a blog sensation, but I have a hard time believing in an overnight 7,386% increase in readership.  And it can’t even be attributed to one single post, or even a limited few.  Another Facebook Find is my most highly viewed page, and has only had 4,678 views in all time.

Personally, I think Blogger Stats has gone haywire, or some schlub in Podunk, Nowhere has spent the last week just looking at all my posts over and over to mess with my stats.  Or s/he is really, really bored.

I dunno.  If this trend keeps up I’ll start to believe I gaining a big audience.  If the trend goes back to normal I’ll be left baffled at what anomaly caused the spike of 2013.

C’est la vie.


Lisa Shafer said...

And you didn't even have someone ready to kill you on twitter. *smirks*

Have you checked the stats for traffic sources? I've never had anything like 4000 views on a single post, but I did learn, from looking at the sources, that my single most popular post is due to the fact that it is the #1 one hit when one googles the phrase "chapped eyelids." (Still, it's not yet to 1100 hits, so it's hardly like yours.)
It may be that that teacher photo is the number one hit for something.

Lisa Shafer said...

Hmmm... with all the blog traffic you're getting, I'm definitely going to have to get you to do a post when I release my next book! :D

Lisa Shafer said...

I just checked, and that one weekend where that blogpost of mine on another blog went viral got 5571 hits over a two-day period. Perhaps that gives you something with which to compare.
Are you SURE you didn't piss off a bunch of women on twitter???

Max Sartin said...

:) Nah, I don't even use twitter, so it can't be that.
I checked referring sites and search keywords, and that wasn't very helpful. In the last month, the highest referring site was (280) and the highest keywords was (7), which is really weird because if you know the address, why search it?

Lisa Shafer said...

Someone's got you on their spam list, then.

Lisa Shafer said...

Oh, and I didn't even have a twitter account when that post of mine went viral.