Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The many faces of Max

For caricatures, our art teacher has the kids draw ones of the teachers at the school.  They made me laugh, so I took pictures of them for a narcissistic moment here on the blog.

But first, the real me, for comparison:



Lisa Shafer said...

A couple of them even look like you! But I notice that in 2 of them you've changed ethnic background, which is quite clever of you. In the one with the Pepsi can, you look distinctly like the President. :)

Karen S. said...

Will the real Max please sit down! Clearly there are great artists stuck in math class! Ha ha ha!

Alexia said...

So cool! Which is your pick? The guy in the red shirt and brown pants looks very benevolent:)

Max Sartin said...

Lisa - well, that's why they call me Multicultural Max. A couple of my students also noticed my presidential look. Hmmmm:
Max in 2016?
Alexia - Good question. I like the one with the pepsi, I think I look pretty good in that one. As for accuracy, even though my eyes are a bit skeewampus, the one I recognize the most as me is where I'm wearing the green shirt that is open too far.